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I am looking for someone to help create a website from scratch for my client/wife who is an artist.  Her name is Santosha Tantra.

A retired Spiritual Teacher, she is over 70 years old and has been making art privately for over 40 years, including thousands of digital art, photography, fashion, and writing pieces. For the first time, she wants to create a website that will display all her works of art and be accessible to all.

I am looking for a designer who will creatively collaborate with me to create a website that truly represents and reflects who She Is.

Specifically, I am looking to hire an INDEPENDENT designer who is:

  1. Extremely Proficient in Wix Studio with technical know-how (including CSS) and willing to explore solutions to be able to manifest our vision together

  2. Willing to creatively collaborate with me 1x1 and willing to iterate ideas together. I am not looking for solely a very good crafts person, but someone who can bring their creative and artistic talents to the table.

  3. Willing to think outside the box and outside typical design norms. Someone who is willing to prioritize fun and beauty over functionality at times.

  4. Willing to spend some time feeling into what Santosha’s art is about so the website can truly be a reflection of her.

  5. Attention to detail


I understand web design is a business, but I am looking for someone who will truly care about this project rather than just trying to put out a finished product as quick as possible.

If you are NOT EXTREMELY proficient in Wix Studio or feel like the above does not resonate with you, PLEASE do not respond.

As I currently imagine it, the website framework is rather simple as it will be mainly a portfolio to display Santosha’s work, without e-commerce functionality to begin with.

An example of a website I like and enjoy its functionality: ….While I don’t think the exact style works for us, I love how you can feel the website is a reflection of stays true to Karim and his Art/Design Style.

I have outlined a rough sketch of the site’s mindmap, and also some initial design takes for the Home Page and some landing pages (It’s in powerpoint, but I think it does a good job in showing how I imagine the design looking). 

This is just my initial vision and I am open to new ideas. Before responding, I ask you take a quick look at the following ppt file :


or here:!AOoQwG0lgCc5unk&em=2

I am currently on a Wix Studio plan where my URL is linked so I also need some help in how to switch that to Wix Studio.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!

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